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Your Checklist For PrivaTrust Certification

PrivaTrust Sample Plate. So, you've got a business. And to reach a broader market you've decided to offer your product or service over the internet. All studies suggest that to get consumers to cough up crucial, personal information, you must provide assurances that you can be trusted. This is where PrivaTrust comes in.

This user-friendly seal of approval combines the latest technologies with the most rigorous criteria designed to improve the privacy of Internet transactions.

To achieve PrivaTrust certification, and acquire this distictive "Privacy Plate" your web site must:

  1. undergo a privacy practices audit carried out by Bennett Gold, Chartered Accountants. This audit results in an official Auditors' Report that is publicly posted on the PrivaTrust site — take a moment to read a sample Auditors' Report (or read a sample report in a small pop-up window).

  2. disclose its internet business and privacy practices.

  3. maintain effective controls to protect all information exchanged as a result of electronic commerce.

PrivaTrust alone uses the latest and most robust technologies to ensure the Plate integrity, including fingerprinting of each plate, isolated and controlled server hosting of each plate and documents. and unique digital identifiers.

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WITHOUT PRIVATRUST, these news headlines
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Headline clipping.
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